The Shabbat weekend of May 31- June 1  we will be hosting a Shabbaton with the Guadalajara Jewish community and Beth Israel Community Center (CDMX). Stay tuned for more details as we have them.


Come to our all-night study session this Shavuot, Saturday night, June 8th, beginning at 9pm. Volunteers from the community will present a series of short presentations. We will feast on blintzes and cheesecake, and as the sun rises, we will ascend to the rooftop to davven Shacharit together.


If you have never done this, please consider joining us for an amazing spiritual experience.

CEMETERY INAUGURATION AND                               RECEPTION

On June 16th at 11am we will inaugurate and host a reception at our new Jewish cemetery -- the only one in El Bajio! We will begin with a presentation by the representatives of Jardines Nueva Vida. There will be special pricing for those who choose to purchase a single or double plot at this time, but after July 1st, the prices will increase. We offer not only plots, but niches for cremains.


Join us for this event. A light brunch will be served, complete with Mimosas!


The Jardines Nueva Vida cemetery is located in one of the neighborhoods behind Liverpool, just off the road to Alcocer (about a mile past the Hospital MAC, turn left onto a street named, appropriately "No Me Olvides"; JNV is the second cemetery on your right).  Signs will be posted to guide you.


On August 29th, the noted Dr. Adolfo Roitman, curator of the museum in Jerusalem that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, will visit the JC3 to share some of the Scrolls' fascinating history with us.


More information to come.