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Béa Aaronson's new series:

These Zoom lectures resume 
January 7, 2021

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As with her last series, all Béa's lectures begin promptly at 3pm Central Time and must be pre-paid by US or Canadian
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Sylvia Solomon Series 


Coming to you from Toronto and the 92nd St. Y, Sylvia will present a 4-part series beginning January 27th, 2021


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Again & Again & Again & Again: Antisemitism On Trial



Come and learn about these important stories and the people behind the stories.


 $150MXN per Person or $8.00 USD 

Upon registering you will receive a separate notification regarding each specific event. Watch for it!

Dr. Solomon is a retired educator with over thirty years in elementary schools, secondary schools, and several universities including the University of Toronto and Queens University. The last fourteen years of her career she worked at the Ontario Ministry of Education developing curriculum policy and resources that changed teaching and learning in Ontario and embedded Holocaust Education learning expectations in a number of compulsory courses. Her focus has always been social justice in education. She has presented a series of lectures “Great Trials That Changed The Course of History” at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, the 92nd St Y and the Instituto de Allende in Mexico. These presentations are part of that series.


Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 9:00 am



In these extraordinary times, it is more vital than ever that we maintain our sense of community and closeness. Although we may not be able to be together physically, please join us in joyous prayer virtually via Zoom.


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Well, we are certainly living though "interesting" times due to the pandemic. Monitoring the situation around the world, especially the resurgence of cases in many parts of the US upon re-opening of businesses and houses of worship,the question of when to re-open the JC3 is very much on our minds. Of course, much depends on factors far beyond our control.


The Board of CHESMA, AC has voted to take the following  provisional plans for safe High Holiday services this year:  


  • For the health and well-being of everyone concerned, there will be no open public HH services at the JC3.
  • We will be broadcasting all High Holiday services from the JC3 via Zoom for all who interested in attending.
  • To allow for a traditional service and Torah reading according to Conservative halachic standards, a physical minyan (10 souls, only!) will be present at the JC3 (with appropriate distancing and masks, etc.), in compliance with local and federal guidelines. If you would like to commit yourself to be physically present to be counted in these minyanim, please contact Dan Lessner ( ASAP.
  • There will be no community dinners, kiddush luncheons, or break-the-fast meals.
  • Since the blowing of the shofar (on Sunday, Sept. 20th) needs to be heard "live", we will be scheduling a shofar service outdoors, along with tashlich, at the Parque Landeta (next to the Botanical Gardens, "El Charco"). Everyone who is able to may attend in person, keeping social distancing/masks, etc.
  • We are certainly aware that High Holiday services are normally quite long, and some people might find staring at their computer screens for 5 hours rather, er,  challenging! We have posted a schedule that we'll try to keep to as closely as possible--please feel free to come and go as you are able; we have no problem whatsoever with this, but we ask that you please remember to mute your microphones to minimize disrupting the prayer and concentration of others. Thank you.