At our most recent Board meeting, the Board has finally discussed a plan for re-opening the JC3 for Services. Our senior members, the most vulnerable among us, are anticipating receiving their second doses of COVID vaccine in about two weeks. We would like to open our doors about two weeks after that, when our seniors have achieved maximum immunization. We will, of course, practice mandatory safe social protocols, such as wearing of masks and distance seating. The building will then be open at 60% capacity, according to government-mandated protocol.

We will let you know via special Mailchimp notice as soon as we have a definite date for re-opening.

We are also looking for a temporary outside venue, where we can meet more safely. Perhaps you have some suggestions, keeping in mind that we will need to transport our books and seating.

FYI: Those of you who attend our Services from afar -- Canada, the US and even other locations within Mexico --  will be happy to know that after quarantine, we plan to continue our Zoom Services in addition to those that are in-house!

For your convenience, the office is open, but please call -- 415 185 9191 -- before you come, so that we may limit the number of visitors and therefore continue with social distancing. You must wear a mask and use gel to enter.

We wish you all only good health -- l'chaim!!







 We are meeting, by zoom, of course, the third Sunday of each month from 1-2pm. Join us!



Our schedule for the next six months is as follows:



JULY 18: The Fixer -- Malamud


AUGUST: Fleishman is in Trouble-- Brodessar



If this group interests you, please contact Nancy Weber at:


Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 9:00 am



In these extraordinary times, it is more vital than ever that we maintain our sense of community and closeness. Although we may not be able to be together physically, please join us in joyous prayer virtually via Zoom.


  • If you don't already have the app, it's a free download at 


  • You will need to contact us in advance to get the passwords (for security purposes. Zoom has recently made this a requirement, sorry) at 


  • At the time of the services, all you need do is enter the meeting # (different for each service) and then the password. Oh, and please remember to mute your microphone.


  • If you wish to download the Siddur that we are using, please contact us at (or of course you may follow along in your own, if you prefer.)


  • At CHESMA, we don't believe in the "pay to pray" model, but please feel free to donate to your favorite charity (like us, for instance!)