Monday August 21st

@ 9:30 am
Meditation Class

A new meditation group and class is forming which will meet for the first time on Monday, July 31 at 10:00 AM at the Jewish Cultural and Community Center, the JC3, corner of Cinco de Mayo and Las Moras. Atendance is open to all interested meditators from first time beginners to those with a long standing regular meditation practice, regardless of religious background.


Some elements of Jewish Meditation will be included. Our intention is to form a group that will meet on a regular basis for sitting practice, guided as well as silent meditation, meditation discussion, and shared learning. If interested in atending please RSVP to Norman at before July 28.

Friday, September 1st

@ 5:30 pm
First Friday...Live!


Join us for a warm welcome and early Oneg.


Visitors and residents gather to welcome Shabbat with treats before our Service begins at 5:50 p.m. Our “First Friday Live!” service includes traditional songs and prayers with transliterations, as well as poetry and English readings that touch the heart and move the spirit. Judith Jenya delivers a brief D’rash, (insightful interpretation) on portions of the Torah that have insight and meaning to our every day life. We invite congregants to participate with Maxine Graboyes, our Cantorial Soloist in singing tunes that you will recognize from your past or can easily catch onto for a joyous and uplifting Shabbat. Services are concluded by 7:00 in time for your evening dinner plans.


All are welcome!