Beginning immediately, our religious services will again only be taking place via Zoom. For the present, we are not meeting at St, Paul's. The numbers in San Miguel have been on the increase, and we must do everything possible to protect all of you -- and all of us. We understand your disappointment. It feels like "two steps forward, three step backwards." But the operative words are "pikuach nefesh" -- the preservation of life.

Please also note that contrary to previous announcements, all High Holiday services will also be via Zoom, as they were last year. Will it ever end? We can only hope so.

We wish you all only good health -- l'chaim!!

(or maybe not quite yet)...



Sukkot - Tuesday, Sept 21 at 9am
Sh'mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah - Tuesday, Sept 28th at 9am, including Yizkor

All Services are still via Zoom. There will be no live services.

The Sukkah will be available for use by one or two people at a time. Lulavimn and etrogi will be available for your use. Please call the office to make an appointment.


Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 8:00 am



In these extraordinary times, it is more vital than ever that we maintain our sense of community and closeness. Although we may not be able to be together physically, please join us in joyous prayer virtually via Zoom.


  • If you don't already have the app, it's a free download at www.zoom.us 


  • You will need to contact us in advance to get the passwords (for security purposes. Zoom has recently made this a requirement, sorry) at shalomsanmiguel@gmail.com. 


  • At the time of the services, all you need do is enter the meeting # (different for each service) and then the password. Oh, and please remember to mute your microphone.


  • If you wish to download the Siddur that we are using, please contact us at shalomsanmiguel@gmail.com (or of course you may follow along in your own, if you prefer.)


  • At CHESMA, we don't believe in the "pay to pray" model, but please feel free to donate to your favorite charity (like us, for instance!)