Doing the Just Thing


Tikkun Olam, repair/perfecting of the world, is a major focus of every Jewish community. Visiting the sick, doing charitable work to benefit Jews and non-Jews alike, protecting the environment…these are all cornerstones of Judaism and for many of us, our raison d’être—why women and men were put on earth in the first place.


Tzedakah (could be rendered as “charity”, but linguistically and culturally it is better translated as “doing the just thing”) has always been a major pillar of Judaism. As such, JC3/CHESMA's Board of Directors has determined that 10% of our treasury ought to be designated specifically for this holy purpose on a yearly basis.


Our community has sponsored several wonderful projects, including the provision of speech evaluation and prolonged therapy for 2 orphan girls at the Casa Hogar Don Bosco, as well as donations of food and even fumigation services there.


We urge you to personally become involved in these programs and/or donate specifically to these worthy endeavors.