Welcome to the San Miguel de Allende Jewish Cultural and Community Center (JC3)!


Thanks to the moral and financial support from many support, we are extremely proud to present the home of CHESMA, AC and the  Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende (the Conservative minyan group that meets there), located in the Calle de las Moras # 45 and 47 (corner of Calle Cinco de Mayo) in Colonia Allende / Guadiana.


After years of meeting in the Hotel Quinta Loreto, the board of CHESMA, AC decided to take the leap to establish a more visible and permanent in our beloved people making presence. We are no more "Wandering Jews"!


We bought the old building of Feed the Hungry, AC property which perfectly suited our needs: we now have a large prayer hall and social facilities, a wonderful Jewish library, classroom and boardroom, as well as the offices of CHESMA, AC *.


Only you are missing!


So please visit us and see for yourself all that we have achieved, or to find out what else we can do to make the new JC3 your JC3. Our administrative assistant will be delighted to welcome you and show you our center 9 am-5 pm Monday through Friday, (but call first: lunch break). 


Or come take part in KSSMA's traditional/egalitarian Conservative Shabbat Morning Service (Saturday morning 9:00 -11: 45) or our other events and alternative services. If you would like to volunteer to teach a class or running a program, etc., or if you are interested in contributing financially to help the JC3 to survive and grow, please click here to send us an email with your contact information.


Click here for more information about becoming a member of CHESMA, AC/the JC3.



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*In case you are wondering, CHESMA, AC stands for “Comunidad Hebrea En San Miguel de Allende”, the legal name of our Mexican Asociación Civil (non-profit organization). CHESMA is proud to be an associate member of the Comité Central de la Comunidad Judía de México.


The Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende  ("KSSMA") is separate legal unincorporated religious entity, affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and, as a wholly religious unincorporated organization is automatically tax-exempt under IRS 501(c)(3) provisions.