Saturday, Sept. 1st:

Please join us in formally beginning the period of soul-searching and forgiveness at this melodically rich Selichot service. 8:30 pm, right after a brief Havdalah ceremony to end the Shabbat.



Erev Rosh Hashanah (5779)


Sunday, Sept. 9th:

non-traditional (Reform/Reconstructionist/Renewal) service led by Judith Jenya and featuring Jordan Saturen on guitar and vocals. 6 pm, at the JC3


This will be followed by our Annual Community Rosh Hashanah Dinner, at the Monteverde Hotel, Calle Volunteros (corner Calzada de la Luz). Cash bar at 7:30 pm, dinner at 8:00 pm. Pre-paid reservations are required! Please click here to register, or stop by the CHESMA office during regular business hours: 185-9191



Rosh Hashanah Morning Services


Monday, Sept. 10th:

In the community room (downstairs): Carole Stone will lead a Reform/English-dominant service, beginning at 10:30 am.


In the library (upstairs): Dan Lessner will lead KSSMA's more traditional/egalitarian/Conservative/Hebrew-dominant service, beginning at 9 am.


Joint potluck holiday kiddush luncheon to follow (please bring dairy, pareve or vegetarian food and/or beverages to share).


Taschlich ceremony, for those who are interested, will take place after the luncheon at the closest body of running water.


Tuesday, Sept. 11th:

KSSMA's Conservative Second Day RH Shacharit services, beginning at 9 am




Yom Kippur 


Tuesday, Sept. 18th

Evening Service (Kol Nidrei) @ 7 pm

Please join us for this most-beloved "unified" service (traditional and non-traditional elements).



Wednesday, Sept. 19th

Shacharit/Morning Service @ 9 am

Traditional/egalitarian (Conservative)

  • Torah service approx. 10:30 am
  • Yizkor service approx. between 11:15 and 11:45 am

Mussaf Service @ approx. noon


Minchah Service @ 5:30 pm


Ne'ilah Concluding Service @ approx. 7 pm


Havdalah 8:15 pm


Community Break-the-fast @ 8:20 pm

Please bring dairy/pareve/vegetarian food and/or beverages to share.


Please note:


The Board of CHESMA, AC (Comunidad Hebrea En SMA) is committed to NOT CHARGING for tickets to religious services at the JC3, which is a common practice in many Jewish communities around the world during the High Holiday season. This is often thought of as an unfortunate necessity--raising necessary funds to maintain the community at the time of the year when even "non-synagogue-going" Jews often do show up for services.


We get that, and we also get that many people are turned off to the "pay to pray" model. In response, some US Jewish communities have begun to institute a "voluntary ticket" policy, where folks pay what they think is a reasonable donation to attend.


So this year we are trying a pilot voluntary ticket policy for non-members. This is a way to equitably help sustain the Jewish Cultural and Community Center of SMA, even if someone doesn't want to become an actual member (our membership fees remain at a very reasonable $180 USD/year for individuals; full or partial scholarships are available for those who cannot afford this amount.)


Please support your Jewish community in San Miguel de Allende!


Thank you.