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There has been a long tradition for people to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other simchas, as well as to commemorate yahrtzeits, by sponsoring the kiddush luncheon after Saturday morning services. Although some folks enjoy preparing the food themselves to bring, others would prefer to have the goodies catered in. We are fortunate to have a kosher chef, Zajar Campos, now in our community who is willing to prepare a delicious spread for us at a very reasonable cost.

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First Jewish Cemetery space in all of the Bajío

CHESMA, AC is now in negotiations with the owners of the Jardines Nueva Vida cemetery in Fracc. Jardines II, SMA. We need just 15 people to purchase their spots within the next few months, and we can move forward with our plans to establish the first Jewish Cemetery space in all of the Bajío! The rates are quite reasonable, and I urge everyone reading this to seriously consider this proposal (or if you already have plans with a cemetery back in the US or Canada, to purchase a space here and donate it for burial of individuals who can’t afford it.) Burial of the dead in consecrated soil is a great mitzvah.

For more information, or to commit to purchase a space, please contact Gerardo Schwarz at geschwarz@me.com, or call the JC3 at (415) 185-9191. Thank you!!
The pushkes, or KKL-JNF collection boxes, have existed for many years in almost every Jewish home and educational institution in Israel and around the world. The State of Israel was built on these blue boxes. Their existence not only enabled the collection of money from hundreds of thousands of Jews to buy land in Eretz Israel, but it also was a major educational item to convey the strong link of the People of Israel to its land. 
Keren Kayemeth Mexico is giving our community the opportunity of being part of this interesting and successful project. Please come to our office and pick up yours!
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Bikur Cholim
Our Bikur Cholim committee is for all members needing help with health issues. We would deeply appreciate being informed of anyone critically ill, in serious treatment, hospitalized, or otherwise in dire need of health assistance by family, friends, neighbor, or personally by the shut-in or convalescent individual.
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Mi Shebeirach
Included among our many prayers for a speedy and complete healing, we would like to mention those for members and friends of our community: Batya Chaya bat Sura, Miriam Yocheved bat Esther Yehudit, John “JD” Dayton, Itke bat Olga, Pesach ben Rivka, Laib Hirsh ben Sura, Devorah Gadit bat Sara, Rivka Devorah bat Ita, Zahava Dora bat Shule, David ben P’nina, Yonatan David ben Miriam, Eliyahu ben Avraham, Yosef Nachman ben Yocheved Ashna, Adrienne Brookstone,  Avram Zisser ben Gutke, David Lieberman son of Elizabeth, Priscila de los Ríos Ramírez, Shlomo ben Malka, Avram ben Elaine, Layb ben Chana, Ari ben Tslava Yittel, and Cindi Olsman.

May the Source of Life bring strength and healing to all who are ill. Amen.
If anyone would like to have the names of their loved ones included here in the newsletter, please write us atshalomsanmiguel@yahoo.com.mx

Tribute Cards are available in the office to honor/commemorate your loveones, or for any occasion. Please contact the office for more information: (415) 185-9191
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