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Vol. 7, No. 25
June 21, 2018

Saturday June 23rd at 9 am
Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende
Presents your Shabbat Shacharit 


Chukat in a Nutshell
Numbers 19:1–22:1


Moses is taught the laws of the red heifer, whose ashes purify a person who has been contaminated by contact with a dead body.

After forty years of journeying through the desert, the people of Israel arrive in the wilderness of Zin. Miriam dies, and the people thirst for water. G‑d tells Moses to speak to a rock and command it to give water. Moses gets angry at the rebellious Israelites and strikes the stone. Water issues forth, but Moses is told by G‑d that neither he nor Aaron will enter the Promised Land.

Aaron dies at Hor Hahar and is succeeded in the high priesthood by his son Elazar. Venomous snakes attack the Israelite camp after yet another eruption of discontent in which the people “speak against G‑d and Moses”; G‑d tells Moses to place a brass serpent upon a high pole, and all who will gaze heavenward will be healed. The people sing a song in honor of the miraculous well that provided them water in the desert.

Moses leads the people in battles against the Emorite kings Sichon and Og (who seek to prevent Israel’s passage through their territory) and conquers their lands, which lie east of the Jordan


Shabbat shalom u-m'vorach!

If you are in SMA during our "slow season" (now through June/July), please make every effort to join us for our weekly traditional/egalitarian Sabbath morning service. Ten adult Jews are needed by about 10 am, for those who can't make the 'preliminary part' starting at 9 am.
Thank you.


For the months of June and July we won't be holding regular First Friday Live services, but I will be leading a sing-along from 6-7pm on June 8th (and again on July 3rd) in the JC3. I will have lyrics to songs that we have sung and some that I hope to sing in the future. We'll share some thoughts on songs and discuss their meanings, but mostly we will just sing together.


     Because this is my first time doing this, and I've heard that participation can be sparse during the summer months, I am asking for people to write me directly and confirm if they plan to attend. If at least 5 people are interested, then I will send a message announcing that we will definitely be singing.


     If anybody has a guitar or other instrument they want to bring, that would be a welcome addition. I am also open to learning and teaching songs by request. If you have a favorite melody that you would like to teach or would like me to teach, let me know.

Jordan Saturen 

Mazel tov to members Gerardo Schwartz
and Pattie Rechtman
on the marriage of Gerardo's son Carlos
to Nélida Martin.
May they have nachas and joy throughout their lives.

If you have a family simcha, a birthday or anniversary,
or any other good news you'd like to share with the community, 
please let us know and we'll share it right here!

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      Mi Sheberach: Prayers for Healing

Included among our many prayers for a speedy and complete healing,
we would like to mention those for
members and friends of our community: 

Batya Chaya bat Sura
Miriam Yocheved bat Esther Yehudit
Itke bat Olga
Pesach ben Rivka
Laib Hirsh ben Sura
Devorah Gadit bat Sara
Rivka Devorah bat Ita
Zahava Dora bat Shule
David ben P’nina
Yonatan David ben Miriam
Eliyahu ben Avraham
Yosef Nachman ben Yocheved Ashna
Adrienne Brookstone  
Avram Isser ben Gutke
David Lieberman
Priscila de los Ríos Ramírez
Shlomo ben Malka
Yehudit bat Israela
Avram ben Elaine
Layb ben Chana

Cindi Olsman
Velya bat Raisel 
Shimon ben Esther
Aaron ben Miriam
Jorge Salamonovitz

Ezra ben Anna
Hannah bat Winnie
Alon ben Gisela
Esther bat Bryna
If anyone would like to have the names of their loved ones included here in the newsletter for healing prayers or to add names to our Yahrtzeit list, please email us at . 

Also, please help us update the lists (if someone has recovered, for example.)

Tribute Cards are available in the office to honor/commemorate your loved ones, or for any occasion. Please contact the office for more information: (415) 185-9191

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