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Vol. 7, No. 42
October 11th, 2018

This is the time of year when we, and most other Jewish communities, solicit donations from you, our supporters to whom we dedicate our time and great effort. We exist for YOU, but we cannot continue to do so without your support.

We survive on the kindness of strangers -- and of our friends. We are fortunate, being here in Mexico, that our expenses are not what they would be "on the other side." But we do have expenses, and so we turn to  you for your donations.

Many congregations charge non-members for seats during the High Holidays. We have never done that, and will try to keep that promise. In return, please help!

Thank you.

In addition, we will soon begin renovation of our kitchen. We would welcome any targeted contributions for this project, which we so desperately need. You might consider purchasing one of our appliances, or any other feature in our new kitchen.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Saturday, October 13th at 9 am
Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende
Presents your Shabbat Shacharit 

Genesis 6:9–11:32

G‑d instructs Noah—the only righteous man in a world consumed by violence and corruption—to build a large wooden teivah (“ark”), coated within and without with pitch. A great deluge, says G‑d, will wipe out all life from the face of the earth; but the ark will float upon the water, sheltering Noah  and his family, and two members (male and female) of each animal species.

Rain falls for 40 days and nights, and the waters churn for 150 days more before calming and beginning to recede. The ark settles on Mount Ararat, and from its window Noah dispatches a raven, and then a series of doves, “to see if the waters were abated from the face of the earth.” When the ground dries completely—exactly one solar year (365 days) after the onset of the Flood—G‑d commands Noah to exit the teivah and repopulate the earth.

Noah builds an altar and offers sacrifices to G‑d. G‑d swears never again to destroy all of mankind because of their deeds, and sets the rainbow as a testimony of His new covenant with man. G‑d also commands Noah regarding the sacredness of life: murder is deemed a capital offense, and while man is permitted to eat the meat of animals, he is forbidden to eat flesh or blood taken from a living animal.

Noah plants a vineyard and becomes drunk on its produce. Two of Noah’s sons, Shem and Japheth, are blessed for covering up their father’s nakedness, while his third son, Ham, is punished for taking advantage of his debasement.

The descendants of Noah remain a single people, with a single language and culture, for ten generations. Then they defy their Creator by building a great tower to symbolize their own invincibility; G‑d confuses their language so that “one does not comprehend the tongue of the other,” causing them to abandon their project and disperse across the face of the earth, splitting into seventy nations.

The Parshah of Noach concludes with a chronology of the ten generations from Noah to Abram (later Abraham), and the latter’s journey from his birthplace of Ur Casdim to Charan, on the way to the land of Canaan.

 Shabbat shalom u-m'vorach!

If you are in SMA during our "slow season," please make every effort to join us for our weekly traditional/egalitarian Sabbath morning service. Ten adult Jews are needed by about 10 am, for those who can't make the 'preliminary part' starting at 9 am.
Thank you.

You may have noticed something new in the sanctuary. Yes, we finally have a Memorial Board.


You may have also noticed that it is currently empty. That will be your job -- to fill it with the names of your loved ones who have gone before you. Very soon, you will be able to purchase plaques to memorialize in death those who meant so much to you in life. We don't have all the details yet, but you may begin to gather information for us -- the name (in Hebrew, English or both) and the date of death (also from the Hebrew calendar and/or secular).


We'll do the rest.

Stay tuned for the details!

Dear JC3 Members and Friends,
After every Shabbat morning services, Jews around the world gather for a modest meal. In most synagogues, a member, or several members of the community volunteer to sponsor this Kiddush. People generally sponsor a Kiddush in honor of a special occasion, such as a bar mitzvah or wedding, or in memory of a loved one. In most synagogues, the sponsors find and pay a kosher caterer to prepare this meal. In most respects, we operate in a similar manner in the San Miguel JC3, except that the tradition has become that Kiddush sponsors prepare and/or buy vegetarian options.
In past weeks, it has become more and more difficult to recruit Kiddush sponsors. Perhaps this is because, while many people would like the opportunity to contribute and participate, the thought of doing so can be overwhelming. Maybe you are new to the community and aren't yet comfortable asking others to share the sponsorship. Perhaps you work full-time, and/or have family obligations such as child-care or eldercare and just doesn't have the time to do all of the shopping and preparation necessary. It's also possible that health issues prevent one from expending as much time and energy as is necessary. Or you don't have a car, so can't transport all the food. More than possible you would like to contribute generously, but you feel a bit sad or embarrassed, because you just don't have the financial means to feed 30-40 people, even if you share the cost with one or more people. Note: We hope no one ever feels this way. Everyone's presence at and participation services at JC3 is a priceless contribution.  
In an effort to encourage more regular participation and contribution, which reflects the extraordinarily loving and generous spirit of our special San Miguel de Allende Jewish community, we propose the following:
If everyone contributes some food or drink every Shabbat that they attend, we will all benefit, both from giving service and enjoying the service of our fellow members and friends.
If you do want to take on sponsorship of a Kiddush, for a special event, such as a bar mitzvah, wedding or yahrzeit, please let us know in advance, so this can be announced from the bimah. Let us know if you want to sponsor it on your own or are open to having others contribute.
Raul and Kayla have agreed to coordinate this venture, and because we need to be sure that we have some specific foods every week, such as challah, salads, main vegetarian dishes, dips, fruit, vegetables, totopos, crackers, desserts and drinks.  
This week, we already have to members willing to bring something sweet. So, if you want to contribute with salad, vegetarian dishes and drinks, we would really appreciate it.  Ancla
Thank you in advance,
Kayla and Raul

Please contact the office at (415) 185-9191
for more information

Each week after Services, we try to provide a light meal for our worshipers. Please sign up to bring a kiddush for your community. A light dairy or pareve meal is greatly appreciated, along with grape juice and challah (or other bread).

Many of our members bring Kiddush in celebration of something, such as a birthday or anniversary, or in memory of a family member on their yahrzeit.

Please contact the office at (415) 185-9191
to sign up.


We are pleased to announce that we have new items in our gift shop! The gift shop is open during the week from 9am to 5pm, sometimes later, and during all events except for Shabbat and Yom Tov. It's best to call first at 185 91 91 to make sure Antonio is there.

New arrivals include hand-painted challah platters, seder plates, two handled cups (bechers), and stunning jewelry. We also have memorial candles, Shabbat candles, hand-embroidered challah covers, mezuzot  (for your doors) and their scrolls, and more. Below is just a sample of our stock. Each week you'll see other items.

Please stop by to see all that we offer. Our shop offers a great opportunity for unique gifts.


In every corner of the globe, one of the main responsibilities of any Jewish community is to establish and maintain a Jewish cemetery for its members. Often called a Beit Chayyim (a somewhat ironic euphemistic oxymoron meaning "House of Life"), a final resting place in consecrated soil has been a cornerstone of Jewish tradition since biblical times.


We are proud to announce that contracts have been signed with an up-scale interdenominational funeral home/cemetery on the outskirts of the city, Jardines Nueva Vida, to be able to provide a comprehensive package of funeral options for members of CHESMA, AC. A small, private section of their cemetery has been designated for use as a Jewish Cemetery, and guidelines have been worked out with them regarding Jewish burial.


Members of CHESMA, AC can purchase single or double plots directly from JNV, which even includes a basic gravestone and perpetual care, payment plans (including free insurance--should someone pass away before the payments are completed), etc.  There is also an additional burial package available that includes all expenses of the actual interment, including traditional plain wood coffin, transportation and handling, opening and closing of the ground, paperwork, etc.
All of this is available to us at a fraction of the cost in the US or Canada. 


Now that we have our burial ground, we need to begin training volunteers who are interested in forming a Chevra Kaddisha, or Jewish Burial Society. Please contact Dan Lessner  ( if you are willing to take on this awesome responsibility and great mitzvah! The service/ceremonies of the Chevra Kaddisha, including tahara, tacharim and shomrim, will be available to those members in good standing of CHESMA, AC without charge, if requested. Less traditional preparation for burial, including "wakes" at the velatorios of JNV on the Libramiento Zavala Zavala (across from the Cruz Roja/Red Cross building) will be available at no additional cost for those who prefer that option, or other options, through arrangements with the funeral parlor directly.


For those Jews who would prefer cremation, that service is also available at JNV. Niches for the ashes will be built for us within the Jewish Cemetery, including a memorial plaque.


For more information, or to purchase your plot/niche/arrangements now, please contact Oliverio Fernández at (415) 152-6648. 

To all of you who have already paid your 2019 dues, thank you! If you have not done so, please contact the office at your earliest convenience, or just click below.

Special offer: Our membership year actually begins with the secular New Year. If you are not currently a member and wish to join for the many benefits membership offers, you may join now and receive the next 3 months of membership free!
(Scholarships are always available for those in need.)

Now is the time to get the most out of your membership. Please support the JC3 by joining or renewing your membership today. We need your financial and moral support to keep going and growing!

Call (415) 185-9191 or email for more information, or simply click on the button below:
Included among our many prayers for a speedy and complete healing, we would like to mention those members and friends of our community who are in need of healing: 
Miriam Yocheved bat Esther Yehudit
Devorah Gadit bat Sara
Batya Chaya bat Sura
David ben P’nina
Yonatan David ben Miriam
Eliyahu ben Avraham
David Lieberman
Shlomo ben Malka
Yehudit bat Israela
Avram ben Elaine
Layb ben Chana

Shimon ben Esther
Masha bat Clarl
Arie ben Najia
Esther bat Leah

Victoria Robbins
Alvaro Delgado Schwartzburg
Kevin Canada
Jay Grovier
Judith Jenya
Gary Berkowitz
Avram Isser ben Gutke (Albert Ira Holtz)
Rachel bat Miriam
Yaakov Tzvi ben Tzipporah Kraindl

If anyone would like to have the names of their loved ones included here in the newsletter for healing prayers, please email us at . 

We are constantly updating our Mi Sheberach list. Since several people on it may no longer need our prayers—for better or for worse, please help us by letting us know if you would like us to continue to mention the name(s) you placed on this list. If we don’t hear from you after a reasonable time, we will assume your loved ones have recovered. Thank you!
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