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Vol. 8, No. 18
May 2, 2019

Today, Yom HaShoah, marks the day we remember the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The full name of this day is “Yom HaShoah Ve-Hagevurah“– literally the “Day of (Remembrance of) the Holocaust and the Heroism.” It is marked on the 27th day in the month of Nisan — a week after the seventh day of Passover, and a week before Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen soldiers).

Since the early 1960s, the sound of a siren on Yom HaShoah stops traffic and pedestrians throughout the State of Israel for two minutes of silent devotion. The siren blows at sundown as the holiday begins and once again at 11 a.m. the following morning. All radio and television programs during this day are connected in one way or another with the Jewish destiny in World War II, including personal interviews with survivors. Even the musical programs are adapted to the atmosphere of Yom HaShoah. There is no public entertainment on Yom HaShoah, as theaters, cinemas, pubs, and other public venues are closed throughout Israel.

We must honor this day. We must never forget!

This Friday night, May 3rd

"Post-Denominational" Kabbalat Shabbat Service with Adamu Hernandez and Mario Moya
Begins at 8pm
Please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share after Services.

Join us! There will be lots of beautiful music!!



Saturday, May 4th @ 9 am
Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende
presents your Shacharit Service for
Shabbat and Yom Tov: 

Acharei Mot
Leviticus 16:1–18:30

Following the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, G‑d warns against unauthorized entry “into the holy (of holies).” Only one person, the kohen gadol (“high priest”), may enter, but he may enter the innermost chamber in the Sanctuary only once a year, on Yom Kippur, to offer the sacred ketoret (offering) to G‑d.

Another feature of the Day of Atonement service is the 
casting of lots over two goats, to determine which should be offered to G‑d and which should be dispatched to carry off the sins of Israel to the wilderness.

The Parshah of Acharei also warns against bringing korbanot (animal or meal offerings) anywhere but in the Holy Temple, forbids the consumption of blood, and details the laws prohibiting incest and other deviant sexual relations.

Shabat shalom u-m'vorach!

Thank you to all those who provided a delicious Kiddush last Erev Shabbat and Shabbat. A special thanks to Simha, who always contributes imaginative and creative fruit baskets. Loved that turtle! Thanks also to Dan, whose huge matzah lasagna led me (and many others, I'm sure) to sin (but it was worth it!).

This coming Shabbat Kiddush will again be pot-luck. Please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share. Try to let Kayla know what you're bringing.

If you wish to sponsor a kiddush -- for a special occasion, a Yahrzeit, or "just because," Contact Kayla Fine, our coordinator, at


If you are in SMA during our "slow season," please make every effort to join us for our weekly traditional/egalitarian Sabbath morning service. Ten adult Jews are needed by about 10 am, for those who can't make the 'preliminary part' starting at 9 am.
Thank you.

Next Friday night, May 10th, we offer you a Meditative Kabbalat Shabbat Service led by Arnold Lerner. It begins at 7:00pm.

Arnold Lerner (aka Gurusimran Khalsa) has been teaching meditation & Yoga for 40 years in the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK.  
People of all traditions are welcome. 

Please bring a covered dish to share. 

The JC3 brings you something new...


NEW: Beginning in May, we will be offering a weekday morning minyan every Monday and Thursday at 7:30am. Bring your tefillen and "join the club!" 


Schedule for Kabbalat Shabbat Services beginning in May:
First Friday: "Post-Denominational" Kabbalat Shabbat                 Service with Adamu Hernandez and Mario Moya
Second Friday: Meditative Shabbat Service led by Arnold           Lerner
Third Friday: Reform Service led by Carole Stone
Fourth (and maybe fifth, if there is one) Friday: Conservative
     (Traditional) Service led by Dan Lessner

We are happy to announce that the JC3 of San Miguel has formed a Jewish Book Group, which will meet in people’s homes to discuss books of topical Jewish interest.  

The books we will be reading for the next few months, in order, are:

May - The Girl from Foreign by Sadia Shepard
June - To the End of the Land by David Grossman
July - Letters to My Palestinian Friend by Yossi Klein Halevey

Please RSVP ASAP to Kayla Fine, who will contact you with further details:
     or 55 7609 1521
We are limiting the number of members to 12, which is an optimal number for discussion groups.


We're always trying to improve our service to you. That is why the Board has established a new "Peace and Reconciliation Sub-committee" to deal with conflicts/issues between members of our community that cannot be easily settled by themselves. Eric Kaplan, Zajar Campos and Carole Stone will be spearheading this project. Please contact the office for more information. Marce has forms available for you to fill out that will be discretely passed on to one of the sub-committee members. Please don't let your gripes fester. You deserve to be heard!


Our new Folk Dancing classes, led by Elliot Fine (who is an amazing dancer!), will begin at the beginning of August between 3:30-5pm. All classes will be held at the San Miguel Cultural Center on Calle Mesones. Suggested donation: 50p.


If you have some type of service to offer, don't be shy. Tell us what you'd like to do and we'll make it happen!

This is the time of year when we, and most other Jewish communities, solicit donations from you, our supporters to whom we dedicate our time and great effort. We exist for YOU, but we cannot continue to do so without your support.

We survive on the kindness of strangers -- and of our friends. We are fortunate, being here in Mexico, that our expenses are not what they would be "on the other side." But we do have expenses, and so we turn to  you for your donations.

Many congregations charge non-members for seats during the High Holidays. We have never done that, and will try to keep that promise. In return, please help!

Thank you.

One-bedroom apartment for rent in Col. San Antonio

Perks include:
  • King-sized bed
  • Lots of light
  • Huge bath tub
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Beautiful patio
  • Completely furnished
  • Deluxe bed sheets and all the rest
  • All utilities included

All this for only $850US / month
Call Sherry Rojas
415 115 21 21


*   *   *


Apartment available to rent May 1st to Oct 31st. Very neat, clean and in great condition.

Cheerful, bright, one bedroom, one full bath, plus living room in Chelo Apartments on the Ancha. Just pack your bags and spend 4-6 months in a fully furnished move-in-ready 2nd floor apartment. You will find TLC in each well-organized room.

Located in a highly coveted gated complex, set back from a main street in desirable Colonia San Antonio. Adjacent to the complex is the organic market, Mercado Sano. 

The Master bedroom is furnished with a matrimonial bed with coordinating furniture. An eat-in-kitchen area with a table for four near the bar separating the fully equipped cooking area with stove and refrigerator.

Small front porch overlooks the treetops and colorful bougainvilleas. A double balcony outside the back sitting area with doors to open which always brings in a flow of fresh air to the front door, delightful in the summertime.

10-15 minute walk to El Jardin, the main park and town center. 
Perfect for a single or quiet couple
$625/month plus equal Security Deposit
$100 refundable damage deposit
Gas not included.

Rent Includes:
* English speaking on-call-Manager
* Housekeeper once a week
* Cleaning supplies
* TV Cable
* Phone
* Electricity
* Open parking area
* Bus Stop and Taxis outside the gate
Won't last long!

Contact Marilyn Robinson

It is our tradition to

memorialize our

Dearly Departed

We are now taking orders for Memorial Plaques. 
These plaques may be in Hebrew, Spanish or English, or a combination. The cost is 1,000 pesos  (or dollar equivalent) per plaque.

Sorry -- only paid members may order plaques.

Send or bring us your payment in pesos or a check in dollar equivalent, along with the name of your loved one(s), their date of death (and of birth, if you choose), and their Hebrew name(s), if you wish.
Only one name per plaque, please.

Acknowledge your loves ones who have departed and support your community.

Please contact me at for questions or clarification, or to order your plaque


We welcome you to visit our gift shop!
It is open during the week from 9am to 5pm, sometimes later, and during all events except for Shabbat and Yom Tov. It's best to call first at 
185 91 91 to make sure someone is there.

New arrivals include hand-painted challah platters, seder plates, two handled cups (bechers), and stunning jewelry. We also have memorial candles, Shabbat candles, hand-embroidered challah covers, mezuzot (for your doors) and their scrolls, and more. 

Please stop by to see all that we offer. Our shop offers a great opportunity for unique gifts. 


In every corner of the globe, one of the main responsibilities of any Jewish community is to establish and maintain a Jewish cemetery for its members. Often called a Beit Chayyim (a somewhat ironic euphemistic oxymoron meaning "House of Life"), a final resting place in consecrated soil has been a cornerstone of Jewish tradition since biblical times.


We are proud to announce that contracts have been signed with an up-scale interdenominational funeral home/cemetery on the outskirts of the city, Jardines Nueva Vida, to be able to provide a comprehensive package of funeral options for members of CHESMA, AC. A small, private section of their cemetery has been designated for use as a Jewish Cemetery, and guidelines have been worked out with them regarding Jewish burial.


Members of CHESMA, AC can purchase single or double plots directly from JNV, which even includes a basic gravestone and perpetual care, payment plans (including free insurance--should someone pass away before the payments are completed), etc.  There is also an additional burial package available that includes all expenses of the actual interment, including traditional plain wood coffin, transportation and handling, opening and closing of the ground, paperwork, etc.
All of this is available to us at a fraction of the cost in the US or Canada. 


Now that we have our burial ground, we need to begin training volunteers who are interested in forming a Chevra Kaddisha, or Jewish Burial Society. Please contact Dan Lessner  ( if you are willing to take on this awesome responsibility and great mitzvah! The service/ceremonies of the Chevra Kaddisha, including tahara, tacharim and shomrim, will be available to those members in good standing of CHESMA, AC without charge, if requested. Less traditional preparation for burial, including "wakes" at the velatorios of JNV on the Libramiento Zavala Zavala (across from the Cruz Roja/Red Cross building) will be available at no additional cost for those who prefer that option, or other options, through arrangements with the funeral parlor directly.


For those Jews who would prefer cremation, that service is also available at JNV. Niches for the ashes will be built for us within the Jewish Cemetery, including a memorial plaque.


For more information, or to purchase your plot/niche/arrangements now, please contact Oliverio Fernández at (415) 152-6648. 

To all of you who have already paid your 2019 dues, thank you! If you have not done so, please contact the office at your earliest convenience, or just click below.

Special offer: Our membership year actually begins with the secular New Year. If you are not currently a member and wish to join for the many benefits membership offers, you may join now and receive the next 3 months of membership free!
(Scholarships are always available for those in need.)

Now is the time to get the most out of your membership. Please support the JC3 by joining or renewing your membership today. We need your financial and moral support to keep going and growing!

Call (415) 185-9191 or email for more information, or simply click on the button below:
Included among our many prayers for a speedy and complete healing, we would like to mention those members and friends of our community who are in need of healing: 

Miriam Yocheved bat Esther Yehudit
Devorah Gadit bat Sara
Batya Chaya bat Sura
David ben P’nina
Yonatan David ben Miriam
Eliyahu ben Avraham
David Lieberman
Shlomo ben Malka
Avram ben Elaine
Layb ben Chana

Arie ben Nadjia
Esther bat Leah

Victoria Robbins

Álvaro Delgado Schwartzburg
Kevin Canada
Gary Berkowitz
Avram Isser ben Gutke (Albert Ira Holtz)
Yaakov Tzvi ben Tzipporah Kraindl
Devorah bat Sara v'Avraham

Steve Hoffman
Miriam bat Sara v'Yonatan
Galia bat Chana
Sheyndl bat Rayzl u'Reuven
Linda Slavin
Harriet Finklestein
Owen Silver
Bernard Freeman

If you would like to have the names of your loved ones included here in the newsletter for healing prayers, please email us at: 
We are constantly updating our Mi Sheberach list. Since there may be people who longer need our prayers — for better or for worse — please help us by letting us know if you would like us to continue to mention the name(s) you placed on this list. If we don’t hear from you after a reasonable time, we will assume your loved ones have recovered.
Thank you!
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