Who is on the Board of Directors?

About us:


 President:  José Daniel Torres López 

 Vice President:  Carole Stone/Raúl Eitan Martínez Aguilera   Secretary:  Raúl Eitan Martínez Aguilera

 Treasurer:  Eric Kaplan


Executive Committee

 José Daniel Torres López, Raúl Eitan Martínez Aguilera


Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs                       Fundraising:  Raúl Eitan Martínez Aguilera  

  Programming:  Zajar Campos Torres

  Ritual:  Dan Lessner


  Membership: José Daniel Torres López 

  Communications: Carole Stone

  Building Committee: Zajar Campos Torres

  Member-at-large: Carlos Soberman



José Daniel Torres López: President



Daniel Torres (born 1985) is originally from Moroleón, in the state of Guanajuato. He studied Clinical Psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. Currently, he is part of the psychology team of the Secretaría de Salud del Estado de Guanajuato, working in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, where he resides and also has private clinical practice. Due to his academic interest, he has also dedicated himself to teaching at several universities. His interest in community processes has led him to collaborate in various civil society organizations in social development interventions with vulnerable groups using transformative education strategies. Daniel has been an active member of the JC3 since 2013, when he began to study Torah, Talmud, and Biblical Hebrew, among other subjects, under the tutelage and accompaniment of Dan Lessner. In Hanukkah of 2016 he obtained his official conversion after having studied with Rabbi Juan Mejía. He is assistant Ba'al Koreh (reading publicly from the Torah scrolls at services) and helps lead the Shabbat services of KSSMA.


Eric Kaplan: Treasurer

Eric Kaplan was born in Brooklyn in 1947. He grew up there and then in South Florida. He graduated with Honors from the University of Florida law School in E1971, where he was the most distinguished member of his graduating class, having been an Executive Editor of the Law Review and a member of the National Moot Court Team. After law school he was recruited to join the US Department of Justice Honor’s Program in Washington DC. He ultimately became a Senior Trial Attorney in the Special Trial Section and eventually was the first recipient of the Department’s highest honor, the Award of Merit. Eric concluded his legal career in Montana, where he was the senior partner of a small law firm he began. He has achieved the highest ethical and ability rating a lawyer in the U.S. can have, which establishes him as “preeminent” amongst his peers. Eric’s activities have not been limited to the law. He has had numerous photography showings, has produced an award-winning motion picture, has been an officer of many non-profit organizations, is an avid and accomplished tennis player, and has traveled extensively. He has been a full time resident of San Miguel for more than eight years but first visited here more than 40 years ago. He has one son who lives in Portland, OR.