SSMA has been offered an extremely generous donation of ½ hectare of land--about 1.25  acres-- by Leslie and Fidel Gómez in memory of her beloved parents, Maurice Milton "Sonny" Pullman and Gertrude "Gish" Levin Pullman, may they rest in peace, to be used to develop a Jewish Cemetery. The closest Jewish cemeteries are now located about 4 hours away in Mexico City or Guadalajara, and it is extremely costly to arrange burial at these sites. In addition, most Jewish communities in this country do not recognize the validity of the conversions of our Mexican converts.

It is therefore imperative that Shalom San Miguel de Allende establish our own cemetery to provide this vital service for all our members, as well as those in our community and surrounding cities who are interested in a Jewish burial.

This beautiful rural property is located about 10 km /7 miles out of town, on the road to Los Rodriguez. We are only waiting on the legal requirements and permits to begin this worthy project.

If you or anyone you know is interested in Jewish burial in central México, please contact Dan Lessner at: