What is the USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)?


United Synagogue's Vision and Mission Statements


The Vision

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is a community of kehillot -- sacred communities -- committed to a dynamic Judaism that is learned and passionate, authentic and pluralistic, joyful and accessible, egalitarian and traditional.

Our kehillot create the conditions for a powerful and vibrant Jewish life, empowering Jews in North America to seek the presence of God, to seek meaning and purpose in Torah and mitzvot, to fully engage with Israel, and to be inspired by Judaism to improve the world and the Jewish people.

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism creates the spiritual, intellectual and managerial network that enables each of our kehillot to fulfill its sacred mission and connects all our kehillot with a common sense of community, shared mission and purpose. Together with other centers of energy identified with Conservative Judaism, we articulate and disseminate our approach to Judaism.


The Mission

To transform and strengthen our kehillot in their effort to:

  • inspire meaningful prayer
  • sustain a culture of lifelong Jewish learning
  • nurture religious and spiritual growth
  • promote excellence in kehilla leadership

To ensure educational excellence true to the vision of Conservative Judaism for children and adults in our kehillot

To engage the next generation of kehilla leadership

To encourage and build new kehillot.


To learn more about the USCJ, click here to access their website: www.uscj.org