CHESMA, AC has always striven to present a variety of religious services during the High Holidays to reflect the diverse religious/spiritual sensitivities of the Jews who live in and visit San Miguel de Allende. We are certainly aware that "one size will not fit all", and have tried to present a menu of choices over the years in an attempt to please as many people as possible. (Sometimes we feel like the maître d' of the Jewish restaurant who asks plaintively: "Was anything OK?")


This year we will again make a valiant attempt to present new and (we hope) stimulating and meaningful services and discussions. Please see the High Holiday Schedule below--new stuff is in red. Choose the services that best speak to your soul, or, what the heck, check 'em all out!



High Holiday Schedule 2017/5778



Sat., Sept. 16th    Havdalah/Selichot   


o   8:15-9:30 pm  Our annual gathering to end the Sabbath and formally inaugurate the HH season. Refreshments will be served. 


Wed., Sept. 20th    Rosh Hashana dinner  


o   5 pm  Welcome in the New Year with dinner festivities at the Hotel                  MonteVerde, Calle de Volanteros 2, Zona Centro.  

                By reservation only, click here for more info.



Wed., Sept 20th   Erev Rosh Hashanah 


o   7:30-9:00 pm  Reconstructionist-style evening service, led by Maxine Graboyes & Judith Jenya (similar to their acclaimed “First Friday Live!” events); dessert oneg to follow



Thurs., Sept 21st   First Day of Rosh Hashanah 


o  Choice of 2 different morning services:

  •  9:00 am- 1:30 pm  Traditional/egalitarian Conservative service, led by Dan Lessner (Hebrew-dominant)
  •  10:00-11:30 am  Carole Stone will lead a Reform service (English-dominant, abbreviated)

o    2-3 pm  Norman Feldstein will lead a special High Holiday meditation/discussion


o   Taschlich at the arroyo by the José Vasconcelos school, to follow above services



Fri., Sept. 22nd   Second Day of Rosh Hashanah


o   9:00 am-1:30 pm   Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende’s traditional/egalitarian (Hebrew-dominant) Conservative service (led by Dan Lessner, Carole Stone and Soli Cohen)




Sat., Sept. 23rd   Shabbat Shuvah   


o   9:00 am-1:30 pm   Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende’s traditional/egalitarian (Hebrew-dominant) Conservative service (led by Dan Lessner, Carole Stone and Soli Cohen)





Fri., Sept. 29th  Kol Nidrei Evening (Erev Yom Kippur)


o   7-9 pm   ‘Unified’ Erev Yom Kippur/Shabbat service (led by Maxine Graboyes, Carole Stone, Dan Lessner, and Soli Cohen; Judith Jenya, darshanit)—traditional format, but somewhat abridged and with several vernacular readings, violin, and keyboard accompaniment.



Sat., Sept. 30th  Yom Kippur


o   9:30 am-12:15 pm  Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende’s traditional/egalitarian (Hebrew-dominant) Conservative YK/Shabbat service (led by Dan Lessner, Carole Stone and Soli Cohen)

Ø  Shacharit 9:30 am

Ø  Torah service 10:45 am

Ø  Yizkor 11:45 am (approx., give or take 15 minutes)


o   12:15 pm  Mussaf service (led by Carole Stone)


o   2:00-3:00 pm  Meditative gathering and discussion High Holiday themes (led by Norman Feldstein)


o   Break


o   5:30–6:45 pm   Reconstructionist-style Minchah service (led by Maxine Graboyes with discussion of Book of Jonah to be led by Judith Jenya, darshanit)


o   6:45-8 pm  Ne’ilah service (traditional, led by Dan Lessner)

o   8:04 pm   Shofar blast at to end Holy Day

o   Community break-the-fast to follow; please bring vegetarian or dairy food/beverages to share (no chicken, catfish/”bagre”)



NB: All times are approximate; we will try our best to keep to this schedule as closely as possible. Please be tolerant with us, especially at this time of the year.





As is our long-standing custom, we again will not be charging for High Holiday tickets.


We do rely on your voluntary donations, however; please pledge generously!