Fund the Building Fund


This corner of San Miguel is dedicated to perpetuating all aspects of Jewish life and to fostering a sense of Jewish identity. With your help, we have successfully developed a dynamic Jewish community here in our beloved adopted town. Our membership is growing, and represents a wide spectrum of Jewish beliefs and practices.


Only with your ongoing financial help can we maintain and expand this corner of our community... offering exciting and meaningful cultural and social programming, and better establish ourselves as a proud, visible and permanent part of SMA.


Please give generously today for a more vibrant Jewish tomorrow.


□ Founder: $25,000 USD or more________    

□ Pillar: $10,000-24,999 USD ____________

□ Builder: $5,000-10,000 USD ___________      

□ Sustainer $2500-4999 USD ____________

□ Supporter $1000-2499 USD ____________        

□ Other ________________

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