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Our membership dues are modest. Your additional support/gifts make it possible to meet the basic ongoing expenses like utilities, payroll, supplies, accountant fees, etc. Reports on our assets, income and expenses are available to members upon request, and at our annual meetings in January.


Our general fund contributes 10% of its income to charity. We need your support to run special programs (listed below). Help safeguard our mission with targeted contributions for:

  • Cemetery Fund— to maintain our Jewish cemetery for residents. 
  • Tzedakah Fund— to aid needy Jewish and non-Jewish residents. Tzedakah is a moral, ethical and religious obligation, not merely a charitable act. 
  • Building Fund—  to help cover renovations, maintenance, etc. 
  • Kiddush Fund— to provide Saturday luncheons after religious services.
  • Music Fund— to pay for special musical presentations, during services, community parties and events.

Legacy and other types of giving can be arranged by calling (415) 185-9191 for more information.  


Your support is vital in making the JC3/CHESMA a place in which we can all be proud! 


Thank you!


There has been a long tradition for people to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other simchas, as well as to commemorate yahrtzeits, by sponsoring the kiddush luncheon after Saturday morning services. Although some folks enjoy preparing the food themselves, others would prefer to have the goodies catered. We are fortunate to have a kosher chef, Zajar Campos in our community to prepare a delicious spread at a very reasonable cost.

If you would like to sponsor a kiddush or donate to our new Kiddush Fund, please contact the office at (415) 185-9191 or shalomsanmiguel@yahoo.com.mx.
Or, just click on the icon below:
Sponsor a kiddush


First Jewish Cemetery space in all of the Bajío

Our Jewish cemetery is available to members. The prices are quite reasonable, and the Jardines Nueva Vida offers several payment plans. You can reserve for yourself and/or make a donation to help other members to be interned in our cemeteryWe offer cemetery plots for one or two, and niches for cremains. Yes, we accommodate non-Jewish spouses. 
If you're interested in making end-of-life arrangements, contact the JC3/CHESMA office between 11am and 5pm, or go directly to the Jardines Nueva Vida office on the Libramiento, across from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross). English speakers may request Oliverio. 

Remember — we are the only consecrated Jewish cemetery in El Bajio! Call (415) 185-9191 or email shalomsanmiguel@yahoo.com.mx to learn more.

Bikur Cholim
Our Bikur Cholim aid is for all members needing help with health issues. We would deeply appreciate being informed of anyone critically ill, in serious treatment, hospitalized, or otherwise in need of health assistance. Visiting and helping those in needing assistance, it is a mitzvah. Call (415) 185-9191 or email shalomsanmiguel@yahoo.com.mx to learn more.
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It is our tradition to memorialize our departed loved ones by purchasing a memorial plaque in our sanctuary. 

Plaques may be in Hebrew, Spanish, and/or English. Each costs 1,000 pesos (or dollar equivalent). Scholarships are always available to those in need. Only members in good standing may order plaques.
Email carole_j_stone@yahoo.com with your questions or to order a plaque.

How to Give

1) All checks (US, Mexican, Canadian) need to be made out to CHESMA, AC.


From within México, our local mailing address is:

          The JC3/CHESMA

          Calle de las Moras #47

          Col. Allende

          San Miguel de Allende, GTO 37760


From outside México, our US mailing address is:

          Shalom SMA/CHESMA, AC

          220 N. Zapata Hwy., #11

          PMB 613A

          Laredo, TX 78043


2) Cash or checks— may be left with our Administrative Assistant or in the mail slot at the JC3/CHESMA, Las Moras #47, corner of 5 de Mayo, Col. Allende, during regular business hours. 


3) Checks— (no cash, please) may also be left in our box at La Conexión #613A, Aldama 3. Please include your contact information, as well as any specific instructions how you would like the donation applied: membership, building fund, general fund, etc. Unspecified funds will be placed in the General Fund to be used as necessary.


4) Interbank deposit/transfer— (from your Mexican bank, or you can even do so from any OXXO store). You just need the following data:

              Accepting Bank:  Intercam Banco

              Titular:  CHESMA, A.C.

              Clabe:  136240029937800172


5) Credit card— gifts are possible via PayPal (you don't need to have a PayPal account to give by credit card!)


6) Local Pickup— email shalomsanmiguel@yahoo.com.mx or call the office at (415) 185-9191 to arrange pickup. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.




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