Donations to the JC3


The Jewish Cultural and Community Center relies on modest dues and donations to meet basic expenses like utilities, payroll for our administrative assistant and cleaning personnel, supplies, accountant fees, etc. Reports on our assets, income and expenses are available to members upon request, and at our annual meetings in January.


While our general fund contributes 10% of its income to charity, special funds below safeguard additional, targeted contributions:


  • B’nei Anusim Fund- to help cover educational and conversion expenses for local Mexicans who fervently desire to formally convert/return to mainstream Judaism. Monies are needed for educational materials, to pay for 3 rabbis’ travel expenses to form the Bet Din (rabbinical court) necessary for conversion, and to help defray the cost of circumcision.


  • Cemetery Fundto establish a Jewish cemetery for residents who are interested in Jewish burial. 


  • Tzedakah Fundto aid needy residents, Jewish and non-Jewish. Tzedakah is a moral, ethical and religious obligation, not merely a charitable act. 


  •   Building Fund-  renovations/maintenance, etc.; your support in vital in making the JC3 a place in which we can all be proud!


  •  Kiddush Fund - to provide Saturday luncheons after religious services.


  •  Music Fund-  to pay for special musical presentations, during services, community parties and events.


Your contributions are US tax-deductible (US 501-C-3 regulations automatically exempt churches/synagogues). This means that yes, we are now able to offer US tax deductions and write tax reconciliation letters. If you itemize your deductions, please contact the office to arrange these.




Thank you!











1) All checks (US, Mexican, Canadian) need to be made out to         "CHESMA, AC".


From within México, our local mailing address is:


          The JC3

          Calle de las Moras #47

          Col. Allende

          San Miguel de Allende, GTO 37760


 From outside México, our US mailing address is:


          Shalom SMA/CHESMA, AC

          220 N. Zapata Hwy., #11

          PMB # 613A

          Laredo, TX 78043



2) Cash or checks may be left with our Administrative Assistant, Irma Rosado, at the JC3 (Las Moras #47, corner of 5 de Mayo, Col. Allende) during regular business hours. 



3) Checks (not cash, please) may also be left in our box at La Conexión (#613A), or in the mail slot at the JC3. Please include your contact information, as well as any specific instructions how you want the donation applied (membership, building fund, general fund, etc.) Unspecified funds will be placed in the General Fund to be used as necessary.



4) For those who wish to wire funds to our bank account in CiBanco (a common way to send money here in México):


Beneficiario-  CHESMA AC

Account- 00000401323

Cuenta Clabe-  143180000004013236



5) We are pleased to announce that we can now accept credit card/ donations via PayPal. Please click on the "Donate" button below to do so: 




6) You may also email us at  or call the office at (415) 185-9191 to arrange pickup of donations; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


 Thank you!