Please fill out the below form to reserve the date to sponsor a Shabbat luncheon.


You may bring pareve/vegetarian or dairy food (for approx. 30 guests), challah and grape juice/wine (kosher, if possible!) or you may donate to the Kiddush Fund and we will supply the meal in your name (our cost is 1000 pesos).


Thank you for your support!

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You must pay for the catered kiddush in advance.


To donate by cash or check, please stop by the JC3 office during regular business hours (11am-5pm, Mon.-Fri., except lunch break 1-2).


For credit card/PayPal transactions, please click on the "Donate" button below:

** If the date you chose is already taken, we will schedule your kiddush on the closest available date. Reserve early to avoid disappointment! Please give us at least 5 day lead-time to arrange a catered luncheon.


Thank you!!