Classes are open to everyone, and most are free for members. Please consider joining the JC3 to support these worthy educational activities.


A 100 peso voluntary donation/class is requested for non-members, unless otherwise noted.  

Torah Discussion Groups

Saturdays @ about 1 pm  


Separate classes in English and Spanish begin after the Saturday Morning worship service and kiddush. 


  • Our ever-popular English-language Torah Discussion Group is back, emphasizing conversation among the participants, "sparked by provocative commentaries from scholars ancient and contemporary." (Assuming someone steps forward to moderate, and people attend!)


  • The Spanish-language group discusses the weekly parashah/Torah portion and focuses on rabbinic traditions and classical interpretations. Led by Dan Lessner. 

"Hebreo intermedio"

¡Ahora en español!


Tenemos clases en línea para aprender el hebreo clásico--para leer el sidur, la Torá, etc.--¡no para pedir una hamburguesa en Tel Aviv! 


Basado en los cursos didácticos y con el permiso amable de la autora, rabina Linda Motzkin, pueden aprender la gramática y el vocabulario básico del idioma hebreo anciano y venerable.




Para unirse a las clases, vayan al


Para su comodidad, pueden bajar el contenido del curso (copias de las páginas del libro de la rabina Motzkin, en inglés) haciendo clic en este vínculo.


NO HAY COSTO para este curso. Los que desean cooperar a la Comunidad Hebrea ESan Miguel de Allende pueden efectuar su donación por PayPal o por operación interbancaria. Gracias por su apoyo. 




CHESMA Religious School for Children is now open!


We are proud to now offer Religious School for children! Please contact Kayla Fine ( or phone: 55 7609 1521) for further information. We have a class that meets in San Miguel on Sunday mornings at 10am, and another that meets in CDMX. If you have a child or know of someone else who might be interested, please contact Kayla.

Join us for classes in Israeli dancing, led by Elliot Fine.

Beginning Sunday, August 18th


Casa de la Cultura on Calle Mesones

Although there is no charge for these classes, donations are always appreciated.


Don't see anything that appeals to you? Let us know what classes or events might interest you and your friends --especially if you know someone who would like to teach that class, lead that discussion group, etc. We want to be your JC3, but we need your input and energies to really make this concept fly!!


Click here to contact us with your suggestions or to volunteer to teach a class.