Jewish Burial in SMA

In every corner of the globe, one of the main responsibilities of any Jewish community is to establish and maintain a Jewish cemetery. Often called a Beit Chayyim (a somewhat ironic euphemistic meaning "House of Life"), a final resting place in consecrated soil that has been a cornerstone of Jewish tradition.


Our Jewish cemetery is available to members. The prices are quite reasonable, and the Jardines Nueva Vida offers several payment plans. We offer cemetery plots for one or two, and niches for cremains. Yes, we accommodate non-Jewish spouses. 


If you're interested in making end-of-life arrangements, contact the JC3/CHESMA office between 11am and 5pm, or go directly to the Jardines Nueva Vida office on the Libramiento, across from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross). English speakers may request to speak with Oliverio Fernández at (415) 152-6648.


Remember — we are the only consecrated Jewish cemetery in El Bajio! 



Now that we have our burial ground, we need volunteers who are interested in being part of a Chevra Kaddisha, or Jewish Burial Society. Please contact Dan Lessner if you are willing to take on this awesome responsibility and great mitzvah! 


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