Jewish burial in SMA is now a reality

In every corner of the globe, one of the main responsibilities of any Jewish community  is to establish and maintain a Jewish cemetery for its members. Often called a Beit Chayyim (a somewhat ironic euphemistic oxymoron meaning "House of Life"), a final resting place in consecrated soil has been a cornerstone of Jewish tradition since biblical times.


We are proud to announce that contracts have been signed with an up-scale interdenominational funeral home/cemetery on the outskirts of the city, Jardines Nueva Vida, to be able to provide a comprehensive package of funeral options for members of CHESMA, AC. A small, private section of their cemetery has been designated for use as a Jewish Cemetery, and guidelines have been worked out with them regarding Jewish burial.


Members of CHESMA, AC can purchase single or double plots directly from JNV, which even includes a basic gravestone and perpetual care, payment plans (including free insurance--should someone pass away before the payments are completed), etc.  There is also an additional burial package available that includes all expenses of the actual interment, including traditional plain wood coffin, transportation and handling, opening and closing of the ground, paperwork, etc. All of this is available to us at a fraction of the cost in the US or Canada. 


Now that we have our burial ground, we need to begin training volunteers who are interested in forming a Chevra Kaddisha, or Jewish Burial Society. Please contact Dan Lessner ( if you are willing to take on this awesome responsibility and great mitzvah! The service/ceremonies of the Chevra Kaddisha, including tahara, tacharim and shomrim, will be available to those members in good standing of CHESMA, AC without charge, if requested. Less traditional preparation for burial, including "wakes" at the velatorios of JNV on the Libramiento Zavala Zavala (across from the Cruz Roja/Red Cross building) will be available at no additional cost for those who prefer that option, or other options, through arrangements with the funeral parlor directly.


For those Jews who would prefer cremation, that service is also available at JNV. Niches for the ashes will be built for us within the Jewish Cemetery, including a memorial    plaque.


For more information, or to purchase your plot/niche/arrangements now, please contact Oliverio Fernández at (415) 152-6648. 


Se habla inglés/ English is spoken; major credit cards accepted.

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