Calendar of Events:

Due to the unprecedented challenge brought about by the corornavirus pandemic, all social events and classes at the JC3 have been suspended until the quarantine is lifted. Religious services and some classes will continue via Zoom and other virtual media. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe, everyone!



Kehilla Shalom San Miguel's "Virtual" Traditional/Egalitarian Service Schedule


  • Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 8:00 am-Shacharit services on Zoom.            Zoom Meeting ID remains 466-016-9574;        please contact us for the passcode at

           (free download of the Zoom app at 



All are invited to join in. During times like these, a little prayer couldn't hurt!

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly been challenging to all of us, but there was a sliver of a silver lining in regards to our High Holiday planning. In years past, several members of CHESMA have expressed a desire for less traditional religious services. Although we have tried several times to present an alternative, Reform-style service (thanks to our very own Carole Stone), these have generally not been well-attended.


Ah, but this year the pandemic has spawned many Zoom services, and we were able to get permission from several Reform rabbis in the States for our members to attend their communities' virtual services, as well Conservative Bet El's in Mexico City. Choice is good!


Please see below for your very own smorgasbord of options this year. You are welcome, of course, to log on to KSSMA's Conservative  traditional/egalitarian Hebrew-dominant services (with English and Spanish readings), or choose from 4 other venues (predominantly in English, except for Bet-El, which will be in Spanish and Hebrew):